Who Benefits From The Job Junction?

everyone. In a nutshell. Initially it’s the young person who benefits but there’s a synergy created which has positive consequences for all – young people, education providers, business sector, society and the economy. We’ll explain…

So what’s in it for you as a Primary Education provider?…

Benefits For Primary Teaching

The impact that career-related learning in primary schools will have on educational achievement, and of course social mobility, has been identified.

The most visionary schools and their leaders can see this too. Furthermore, once integrated and implemented into the learning journey the benefits to the school become increasingly clear.

It is vital to the learning journey that we engage pupils’ interest and shape their understanding of learning in a contextual manner. Children begin to understand how education will support their future success. Only then can we inspire children to set higher aspirational goals.

It’s now a government recommendation that all Primary Schools provide some form of careers advice. It’s only a matter of time become this becomes an obligation. And frankly we can’t wait for that time to come!

Benefits For Primary Children

All children are entitled to, and deserve to receive, a top quality education to equip them with the skills, qualities and tools they’ll need so that they are afforded the same life chances, regardless of background, ethnicity and geographical location. And quite right too!

Education Beyond The Confines of Curriculum

It’s both a huge responsibility and a privilege to educate young people. However their education should extend beyond the confines of the curriculum.

We need to teach children to discover their natural talents, believe in themselves and raise their aspirations, explore possible future careers and identify and develop the required enterprising and employability skills.

Inspired Children

Only then will children be inspired to become the best version of themselves, realise their true worth and achieve their full potential.

– The earlier this happens, the bigger, more positive and sustainable the impact.
The Job Junction is a world where anything and everything is possible – if you are willing to work at it.

It’s where children learn that their future is in their own hands. It’s where they can begin to write their own story – plan their own journey.

It is a place where they meet real businesses and real business people, and be inspired by their very real career stories. It’s the place where they visualise an intangible sense of purpose.

Children take part in a programme which will allow them to develop self awareness, raise aspirations and cultivate employability/enterprising skills in a fun, age appropriate and interactive way.

They will start to grow in both knowledge and confidence, and have a clearer understanding of opportunities available to them. At the same time it allows children to understand how education will support their future success.

Benefits For Business Sector

By facilitating a link between education providers and local businesses we are able to shape the education system’s ability to drive the job skills which employers need to ensure a ready made skilled workforce.

It will essentially bridge the gaps in the education system to ensure the skill sets which young people offer are in sync with employer’ needs.

Win/Win Situation

Employers win. Employees win. We think that’s what they call a win/win situation.

Benefits For Society & The Economy

When we equip young people with the skills, qualities and tools they’ll need to enable them to access the same opportunities, to ensure that they are afforded the same life chances, regardless of background, ethnicity and geographical location, we give them aspirations, hope and a sense of self-worth and pride.

Vital Part In Society

They see the vital part they’ll play in society. They will see how they themselves can shape the life they’ll lead in the future.

Society in general stands to benefit massively from this and in turn the economy with flourish at both local and national level.

It’s obvious how a better skilled workforce is vital for productivity and is also important for the country to maintain its position in an increasingly competitive global economy.

So, at this junction (see what we did there?!), what action will you take now?