The Secondary Delivery Model

Fully Tested Programme Delivery

the Job Junction Secondary has been developed by a team of qualified, highly experienced secondary school teachers and employer/educational engagement consultants, with direct input from business and industry, and has already been fully tested in a variety of delivery situations.

Two Flexible Routes

The Job Junction Secondary can be accessed via two flexible routes:

  • Discovery Programme
  • BeBrilliant Workshops

Both routes are flexible to suit your requirements. After all, no two schools are alike. And we like that!

The Discovery Programme

The most effective route is the Discovery Programme as this process works best when it is given real visibility since the messages are absorbed on a continual basis.

The Discovery route consists of three 12-week programmes designed, as the name would suggest, to continuously develop the students’ and their connections.

This programme also affords you access to SCOOP which allows you to monitor, measure and report on the programme’s effectiveness. Very handy for fulfilling your Ofsted and CAIEG requirements!

Furthermore, the Discovery Programme affords you to access the Business Engagement Programme, the Positive Links tool and the support of our Business Engagement Co-ordinators.

Find out more about the programme – see our FAQs

Flexible Delivery To Suit You

Flexible delivery to suit you, not us. The Discovery Programme was initially designed to be delivered twice weekly (two lunchtime sessions) over the three school terms – and this is the ideal delivery model. However it’s flexible enough to be delivered during form time or during PHSE lessons.

With a programme this flexible, you can choose how, and when, to deliver The Job Junction.

The BeBrilliant Workshops

The BeBrilliant Workshops are a series of five year-appropriate workshops.
These workshops perfectly complement the Discovery Programme and can be delivered during PHSE lessons at any time during the school year.

They also work well for those schools who cannot commit immediately to the Discovery Programme.

The Job Junction BeBrilliant Workhops support your Ofsted inspection by providing careers education, information and guidance (CEIAG).

What Does The Job Junction Secondary Programme Achieve?

So, essentially this unique programme designed with direct input from business and industry develops key critical employability skills, alongside academic qualifications, and provides the connection between education, business and industry. The programme’s content is continually evolving which guarantees relevance and the required outcomes.

It does this continually on an ongoing daily basis. It’s a thread which runs through the fabric of a Job Junction school – and you can see it, hear it and sense it.

The programme celebrates individuality and develops a specific set of skills and qualities whilst building character, resilience and independence. Furthermore it inspires young people, raising aspirations as it goes. So much so we see proven improvement in attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning. Motivated and committed young people develop into The Employee of the future. Everyone wins.

The Job Junction provides everything you need to –

CEIAG Statutory Duty

Fulfill your statutory duty in the provision of CEIAG
 with access to external independent careers guidance.

Achieve Outstanding Ofsted

The Job Junction will help towards you achieving an outstanding Ofsted in careers. The content of all our programmes, and materials have been designed and produced independently.

Monitor and Report on Outcomes

SCOOP – our bespoke and secure system allows you to record outcomes, store documents (e.g. C.V’s/application forms, cover letters, development plans) against individual student records, and measure their progress against the key employability criteria over time. You may also want to include your own measures, such as attendance, attainment that will facilitate the measure of Character in Education. It’s adaptable to your needs.

Business Engagement

Gain access to Positive Links, our business engagement tool, to satisfy statutory guidance obligations 
and access support with business engagement

Implement Easily and at Low Cost

With The Job Junction it’s easy to implement a low cost, proven whole-school framework

Where is The Job Junction located?

The Job Junction model has been developed and fully tested to be an accessible and physical part of your secondary school (ideally in the heart of the school). This space is dedicated for the provision of careers exploration, constantly displaying provided Job Junction information and resources such as vacancies and industry information, as well as being the place where pupils go to: meet businesses, learn about careers and develop personal and employability skills.

What does The Job Junction Licence provide?

Quite literally everything you need to exceed your statutory duty and guidance obligations and achieve outstanding Ofsted careers reports in one low cost, easy to implement programme!

The proven programme provides your school with everything from the core fundamental principles of an effective careers guidance strategy through to tactical delivery elements including lesson plans, presentation slides, operation manuals, training tools, templates and monitoring software to help establish, manage and measure and report your Job Junction’s outcomes.

When is The Job Junction programme delivered?

Standard secondary school delivery usually takes place over 2 lunchtime periods per week throughout the academic year. It can of course be delivered at any time.

How is The Job Junction Delivered?

The Job Junction brings work and entrepreneurship to life in the school continuously via an accessible drop in centre, structured activities, one-off challenges/tasks and opportunities for pupils to hear from and engage with employers and business people.

Who will Deliver The Job Junction?

The Job Junction is managed by one, sometimes two, designated and fully trained Job Junction Coaches (teaching staff or in-house careers coordinator) who recruit up to 12 volunteer students (the DREAM team) to assist with the delivery to the rest of the school, (across all years).

Although you may choose to employ an external co-ordinator to manage your Job Junction, there is clear co-ordination with the school’s careers agenda and collaboration with the staff member responsible for careers provision.

The Delivery Team will receive everything they need to easily establish, deliver and measure The Job Junction.

And the best bit for you on the front lines? – The ease of implementation and its low cost!

The Job Junction programme is unique in so many ways –

  • It’s fully tested
  • It’s continually improving
  • It’s beneficial to all
  • It’s proven
  • It’s backed by Dept Business & Industry Skills
  • It’s easy to implement
  • It’s low cost

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