Secondary Testimonials

“I would recommend The Job Junction to everyone as it has helped me with so many things and I think that everyone would benefit from what you can learn. It is lots of fun and you are learning at the same time.”

Year 11 student at Sir John Thursby

“I would recommend other people to join The Job Junction as the opportunities that you get are very special. The skills that you gain are skills that you can use for the rest of your life.”

Year 11 student at Sir John Thursby

“The Job Junction has helped my confidence as I used to stay quiet a lot as people did not understand me. Now I am happy to talk to people and get involved in what’s going on. I now enjoy taking part in more activities in school.”

Year 9 Student at Sir John Thursby

“The Job Junction has taught me not to give up and that if I fall at the first hurdle I can always try again.”

Year 10 student at Marsden Heights Community College

“I have learnt how to start a business, how to grow a business and how to make money thanks to Mark Fitzpatrick and The Job Junction.”

Year 10 Student at UTC Lancashire