Does the programme work in split year groups?

Yes, the programme works very effectively in a split year group classroom. Indeed when the current year 5 move into year 6 the messages are reinforced when the programme is delivered to them for a second year.

Furthermore, when year 5 move into year 6 they are given the opportunity to take on additional responsibility by becoming Team Leaders. This not only makes a sensible natural progression but it also gives the new year 5 group something to aspire to.

Can the programme be delivered by a class teacher?

Absolutely! The programme has been specifically designed, developed and tested to be delivered by classroom teachers. However, we’re finding that many headteachers are choosing to deliver this programme to their Year 6 themselves!

Can The Job Junction Team deliver the programme for us?

If you are located within East Lancashire we are able to deliver the programme for you should you wish.

How does it fit with the heavily planned curriculum?

Perfectly! The programme has been designed to support the National Curriculum and there are some obvious links with the upper key stage 2 curriculum throughout the programme.

Can The programme be delivered by a NQT?

Yes, it’s designed to be easily interpreted and delivered. Indeed it has proved itself to be an interesting and fun way of developing the classroom delivery skills of NQTs whilst freeing up planning time or CPD time for teaching staff.

We already have a Careers Day, won’t this duplicate activity?

No, we’re certain it will only enhance anything you may offer already. Our primary schools have found our business engagement tool – Positive Links – to have been invaluable. Our cleverly planned out lesson schemes and resources mean that you can open the box and deliver a lesson without any forward preparation. We know how busy you are.

How much is the programme licence for subsequent years?

The programme licence cost covers one academic year. Subsequent licence costs are the same each year. The world in which we live and work is constantly changing. To ensure that our programme is always current we are in continuous development and our programme continually evolves and is fully tested before being brought to you each year – all of which carries cost.

Is there a discount available if we refer another school?

Yes – we offer up to 10% discount, per referral, on your following year’s licence cost. Please ensure that the school which you are referring informs us at the point of first contact since we are unable to offer referral discounts retrospectively.

Are different ability groups catered for within the programme?

Yes. You can flex the programme to accommodate different abilities – for instance, making use of our extension activities for the more able.

Which part of the school year should The Job Junction be delivered in?

We’ve identified an ideal delivery model here on our website but it’s truly flexible so spread out the programme delivery over the academic year or group it together. The choice is yours.