Destination & Outcome Measures

education providers must provide clear and comparable information on their success in terms of helping young people access qualifications and opportunities that will provide them with the best long term career prospects.

The Job Junction Measures Outcomes

By accessing The Job Junction Discovery Programme you automatically gain entry to our reporting software which measures outcomes.

Furthermore the programme affords access to Positive Links – our business engagement tool – which opens up access to a range of industry, business and enterprise representatives in your local area.

This provides opportunities for young people to make better informed decisions earlier on in their educational journey which links learning goals to career pathways.

For some this means traditional post-16 education and for others this means progressing to down an apprenticeship route.

Government’s Commitment To Apprenticeships

The government have made a commitment to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. Furthermore they are taking steps to promote the image of apprenticeships. The term ‘apprenticeship’ will be protected in law. This will strengthen their reputation, help working people and ensure apprenticeships are recognised as a career path equal to higher education. Indeed apprenticeships are to be given equal weighting as degrees. Read more here