The Challenges Secondary Schools face in delivering Careers Guidance

most Secondary Education providers lack the time, skills, resources, focus, capacity along with the business and industry connections at strategic level, required to fulfil this duty effectively.

Even where there’s a dedicated full time careers advisor incumbent, this is often a stand alone role which can’t permeate into the very fabric of the school due to time constraints and lack of resources.

The Job Junction provides the structure, the resources and the connections. It’s extremely simple to deliver and it’s proven.

Careers advisors have an almost impossible task of delivering: one-to-one careers advice for up to 1000 students, provision of basic career-management skills training along with up to date current legislation, industry and academic requirement information across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries. Their knowledge tends to be very localised which can reduce the scope of career opportunities.

Unsurprisingly they find it almost impossible to develop meaningful working relationships with potential employers, colleges, universities and training providers not to mention strategic industry and government requirements.

Consequently careers advice is all too often lacking inspiration and the delivery can be dull.

Careers Advice & Information – Connected, Informed, Inspiring & Relevant
However careers advice needn’t be dull. In fact it mustn’t be dull.

It must be connected, informed, inspiring and relevant. And that’s where The Job Junction deliver.

The Job Junction has all the resources you’ll need to access and exists to inspire young people, to encourage them to visualise the opportunities available to them and to encourage them to make the connections between learning and their future journey. It facilitates choice.

We help young people to understand how existing interests, qualities and skills could be applied to a range of careers across the different sectors. They embark on a journey of discovery during which they find they have a world of choice.